Aslam Rasheed , a dedicated professional specializing in Social media marketing, video editing, and Videography. Graduating from Calicut University with a Bachelor’s degree, His passion for creative storytelling and his technical expertise have allowed him to excel in his field.

During his time in college, Aslam honed his skills by taking on freelance projects as a Video editor. These experiences provided him with valuable exposure and a deep understanding of the industry. In may 2023, Aslam joined Haris&co academy to leveraging his expertise to drive successful marketing campaigns.

With a natural inclination for problem-solving, Aslam loves diving into customer challenges and finding innovative solutions using modern technology. His ability to create, scale, and optimize impactful business portfolios is a testament to his dedication to delivering key outcomes. As a leader, he focuses on building exceptional teams and adapting quickly to new learnings.

Throughout his career, Aslam has held executive positions in Product Management, Product Marketing, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, and Analytics. These diverse roles have equipped him with a well-rounded skill set and a deep understanding of scaling businesses effectively.

Aslam’s approach to his work is centered around the customer, ensuring that their needs are at the forefront of every decision. He excels at executing ambitious ideas while working within given constraints, utilizing both his intuition and data-driven insights to make informed decisions. With the ability to align, lead, and grow world-class product teams, Aslam thrives on the joy of achieving success as a team.

Aslam enjoys connecting with new people and hearing diverse perspectives. If you’re interested in discussing digital marketing, personal branding, or even sharing your love for football, he would be delighted to engage in a conversation.

Professional Skills:

  • Social media Marketing
  • Videography
  • Video editing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)

With his expertise and dedication, Aslam Rasheed is your go-to professional for all your Social media marketing, video editing, and Videography needs.